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POCKET - 4.0x2.2m


Product Info
With a sleek, dark facade and metal frames across the door and window, this room exudes elegance. The architectural flair doesn't compromise the use of space with plenty of practical elements, including a wall-mounted heater and an integrated storage room. This room is the perfect home office offering warmth, light and a stylish finish.
What's Included
Price includes manufacturing, delivery, and installation in London within the M25. VAT included Bespoke furniture items are not included. Any demolitions, groundworks, foundations, electrics, plumbing, and sanitaryware are not included unless differently indicated. Planning applications are available upon request.
Any changes?
If you notice something you want to add or slightly change from this room, please get in touch and our team will be able to advise.

This room has a strong architectural look.The elegant composite facade is matched with our trademark plywood coffered ceiling and laminated walls, creating a cosy and ambient space.

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