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Can  you make completely bespoke studios?

Yes, but there will be a design fee 

What type of foundations should I use?

We usually recommend either ground screws or insulated concrete slabs. There are technical reasons for these, get in touch with our team and they'll be able to advise.

What is the internal height?

It depends on the size of the room and the type of foundations chosen. The lowest point of the coffered ceiling structure usually sits at around 2-2.1m from the floor level.

Do I need heating over winter?

We recommend adding heating to the room as you would have in your home. We often install either electric UFH or wall-mounted radiators

Are the rooms insulated?

Yes! We fit all rooms with a minimum of 100mm PIR rigid insulation. 

Do you provide a turn-key solution?

We can provide a turn-key solution, but the prices you see on our website don't include any foundations and elctrics, as these are site specific and need to be assessed case by case.

What is the lead-time for manufacturing?

It varies, but is typically between 8-10 weeks

How far do you build from the fences?
We require at least 300mm passage to fix the cladding all around the room. If the fences can be lifted and you provide access, then the gap can be reduced.

Do I need planning permission?

It depends, get in touch with our team and we'll be able to advise.

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